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  • Ludwig XVIII

    Ludwig XVIII

    eighteen speed

    At the heart of Schindelhauer’s new vanguard Ludwig XVIII lays the Pinion P1.18 gearbox. 18 evenly spaced ratios that make for a total gear range of 636% outline the current pinnacle in shifting. Every gear conveys the immediacy of a single-speed transmission while the centrally mounted gearbox creates an evened-out balance. Equipped with exclusive CNC-machined disc brakes, Brooks saddle and Gates’ Center-Track System, Ludwig XVIII can be fully customised according to customers’ requests.

  • Ludwig VIII

    Ludwig VIII

    eight speed

    Are you on the look-out for a superb companion to escape for the weekend? Ludwig VIII is the right choice to bring you to your desired destination with great value, class and a positive attitude to life. With his adjusted 8-speed system Ludwig is more than ready to take up every challenge of a bike ride. Besides, he makes you look one’s best relaxing with a pint of lager in your desired beer garden. In terms of reliability he overshadows everything. Gates Carbon Drive™ belt combined with the 8-speed hub gear guarantees a maintenance-free and relaxing bike ride.

  • Ludwig XI

    Ludwig XI

    eleven speed

    Ludwig is true to the motto: Leave your everyday life behind - go straight into your weekend with only sportin mind! The extensive gear spread of the fully enclosed, oil bath lubricated Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub gearcombined with classic components ensure an agile and smooth bike ride. An ultra-silent symbiosis is achievedby applying a low-noise belt drive by Gates together with a silent speed-hub gear. Smoothly and quietly ridingdown the street - only listening to the sweet sound of the wind and the noise on the road.

  • Ludwig XIV

    Ludwig XIV

    fourteen speed Rohloff Speedhub

    Ludwig XIV is in the vanguard of the Schindelhauer-Family: he shines with one´s head held high above them all. Equipped with a 14-speed gear hub by Rohloff, the new found head truly lives up to his name. The new tourer combines in the customary fine Schindelhauer aesthetic both freedom from maintenance of the Carbon Drive belt paired with the efficiency of the Rohloff shifting system. In spite of its features like disk brake, Brooks leather saddle and if requested splash guard, Louise XIV embodies simple elegance of his Schindelhauer ancestors.

  • Dualie


    Two is the New One

    The light turns green and you're off. By mid-block the singlespeeders and fixie riders are at max velocity. That’s when you kick your Dualie into overdrive and drop those posers. The Dualie is like a singlespeed on steroids. It marries the world’s most advanced carbon fiber belt drive with a two-speed kick shifter, stylishly integrated into a sleek steel frame dressed in Scooter blue. Back pedal half a turn to upshift or downshift. It’s that easy. The ethic is simplicity, the aesthetic thoroughly mod. Bicycling picked the Dualie as one of its favorite new city bikes. Yo, fixie riders, time to kick it up a notch! Two, after all, is the new one. After being sold out, the Dualie is AVAILABLE in shops now while supplies last.

  • Wazee


    Style, Precision and Panache

    In the spirit of Colin Chapman, the brash auto racing entrepreneur who created the Lotus 38that won the 1965 Indy 500, we present the Wazee—a city bike that blends modern technology with retro racing aesthetics. The sleek and streamlined steel frame delivers the classic ride characteristics and road-feel that bicyclists prize. And with its Lotus-inspired Chapman green (of course) color scheme, the Wazee handles city streets with precision and panache. Our Wazee is the newest member of the Spot family but its heritage runs deep. Wazee Street is one of Denver's most storied thoroughfares, the epicenter of LoDo and beating heart of Mile-High commerce and culture. Anchoring the bike is the most innovative drive system available: a CenterTrack belt drive that motors fast and quiet, lap after lap after lap. Colin Chapman would be proud. AVAILABLE in shops now.

  • Wilhelm XII

    Wilhelm XII

    twelve speed

    Being sporty doesn´t mean less comfort. Schindelhauer has successfully managed to combine both features sportiness and comfort with the Classic-geometry. To achieve this, they took the geometry of their tough single speed frame and modified it carefully by relocating the bottom bracket slightly lower and applying a slightly extended head tube and fork to compensate for the increased saddle height. Along with the extended head tube all classic-series bikes provide a relaxed seating position and are suitable for touring.

  • Friedrich XI

    Friedrich XI

    eleven speed

    Friedrich XI is the perfect bike for everyone, who isn’t willing to make compromises when it comes to equipment and design. He comes off the shelf with super light Curana mudguards, Supernova high-end illumination and a sleek rack by lightweight-specialist Tubus. The well attuned duo Shimano Alfine 11 / Gates Center Track ensures stress-free propulsion. Let it be said that whether you want to cross the city or conquer the countryside - Friedrich XI always stands for premium style and comfort.

  • 77/011


    fixed gear / single speed

    77/011 changes the rules and the concept of urban transportation. Elegance and harmony make the metropolitan bike more than just a means of travel, but rather a work of design and a declaration of an esthetic and existential philosophy. Designed and manufactured in Italy.


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